About Hostylus

Hostylus is a web hosting solutions start-up that aims to serve all businesses big or small, and all individuals no matter the size of the website. With hosting services that cover, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, and VPS. Our user-friendly tools, like Plesk; and robust resources to give users the optimal experience to be easily in control without worrying about the performance of the website going down after a limited number of plugins.

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Our Vision

    Our vision is to bring the world closer through technology. So that everyone is able to contribute to the world in their own unique way while being connected 24/7 on all servers of the world and all places where your potential customers could be.
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    Our Mission

      Provide hosting services that best speak with the mind of each and every user of ours, all; for accessible prices that put no limits on your goals, plans, or the actual choice you'll ultimately go for. In short, give you the groundbreaking experience you deserve.

      Our hosting services

      More than what you have in mind, less than what’s in account!

      WordPress Hosting Services on Hostylus

      WordPress Hosting

      Maximize your experience on WordPress and take a full advantage of all there is to use on your website.

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      Business Hosting Services on Hostylus

      Business Hosting

      Your expensive electronic equipment and gadgets may be at risk to an unexpected power surge.

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      Shared Hosting Services on Hostylus

      Shared Hosting

      Feasible plans to give you the push you need to get started today!

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      Student Hosting

      Student Hosting

      We understand it's not easy for all students to afford pricey hosting plans, so we worked on developing packages that cover your needs with very friendly prices!

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      Cloud VPS Services on Hostylus

      VPS Hosting

      Get your own virtual private server for prices starting at $5.99 & enjoy outstanding performance.

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      Dedicated Servers on Hostylus

      Dedicated Servers

      An entire server to help you go up & beyond.

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      Domains Services on Hostylus


      Choose the domain preference you like.

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      Clients Reviews

      Hostylus offers you the best packages to start for the best prices, and without compromising on the quality. Despite that we'd like to keep you at ease and assure you a 30 day money return if you ever decide to cancel.